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Try the sauce that the whole family will enjoy. Pour it over a crispy cool summer salad, or a healthy portion of black beans and rice, to add a mellow garlic flavor that will leave you satisfied and content. Olive oil, rich in Omega 3, White Zinfandel, known to contain anti-oxidants good for the heart, garlic, said to be a natural antibiotic, are all included in this dressing/sauce. This creamy addition is a favorite of our customers.

Elenel's 'Creamy Balsamic' sauce is available in stores, or you may order online:

Elenel's Creamy Balsamic

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$5.00 + $2.50 shipping and handling (In the US)

Special prices on bulk orders. Contact us if you are a vendor interested in including Creamy Balsamic in your inventory.

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